Timothy Duckworth LLC
State Certified Builder
License No. CBC 039144
Office:  386-574-1928
Cell:  407-448-4466
Fax:  386-574-1928


We offer:

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

A unique, collaberative approach to your custom remodel, TD LLC works with your design and its team to complete a project any homeowner would be proud of.  Their attention to detail, the homeowner's desires, experience in the Central Florida area ... all of this comes together to bring your idea to a reality!

Tile and Flooring

New flooring can update and change the appearance of any home.  Tile can be easy to maintain and display your own personality in the details including custom tile placement throughout your home. TD LLC will meet with you, assist you with the selection of tile or flooring, and install the product for you.  The team approach will assure the homeowner is involved from the beginning to the end of the project.

Decks, Gazebos and Pergolas

Nothing is more enjoyable in Florida than grilling and socializing on back porches, decks or outdoor entertainment area.  Bold shapes, innovative designs, and expert craftsmanship can give your home more living area and completely change it's appearance.  The team at TD LLC  is used to working with Central Florida landscaping and special flora.  They have also constructed docks and have excellent landscaping experts to call on for assistance if necessary.

Home Repair

Central Florida is a tough environment for homes.  Heat, storms, and insects are ongoing problems as well as just the wear and tear that occurs with normal living.  At TD LLC, our experience in this area is far-reaching.  We have repaired homes damaged by termites, chimneys struck by lightning, garages where trees have fallen on them, flooded living rooms, upgraded commercial exteriors, remodeled churches, community centers, repaired docks and upgraded horse barns.  We have installed accessories for the mobility-impaired, installed new doors or windows after robberies or attempted break-ins, and upgraded buildings to current codes.  We truly are a Central Florida builder and am happy to provide references to prove it.

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